Business Planning

We support many of our clients with public funding facing business plans to support a wide range capital and revenue projects.  We have a tried and tested process that helps our clients understand what they need to, how they need to do it and what impact that will have on their delivery (beneficiary impacts and profit/loss).  We write our business plans in a way that meets the requirements of both central and local government particularly when our clients are using the business plan to access revenue and funding

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 Introduction and Background to the Project

Some clients that have had recent success with our business planning service is outlined below;

Colin Glen Trust

Copius Consulting have been working with Colin Glen Trust to support the capital development of the Colin Glen Forest Park and the Colin Leisure Park.  Copius have helped the organisation with Business Planning for their £15 million development, and our work has proved significant in helping the Charity secure £3 million for it phase of the redevelopment.  Click the link to see some of the new sports facilities being installed at the estate

Roddy McCorley Society

Copius Consulting have recently completed a business plan for the Roddy McCorley Societys ambitious plans for the development of a community tourism facility.  The Business Plan was used to support an application Belfast City Council, where the project was awarded £1.35 million toward the £1.7 million project.

In the third sector, Copius provide a wide range of research services, all designed to help our clients make informed decisions about the future investment / development decisions that they take.

We provide a number of different types of research services including;

• Market Research

• Statistical Analysis / Research Reporting

• Consultations (Community and Policy Based)

• Needs Analysis for Projects

• Neighbourhood / Door to Door Surveys

• Online Surveys and Questionnaires

• Video Based Research and Analysis

• Bespoke research

Copius Consulting have completed research across a range of disciplines including;

• Sport

• Communities

• Area Based Health Initiatives

• Housing

• Peace Walls

• Shared Spaces

• Government Policy

• Political Policy / Lobbying

• Regeneration

A few examples of our work are shown below;

Belfast City Council –Stadium Community Benefits Initiative

Copius were contracted to complete a 5 month piece of research on behalf of Belfast City Council, the Irish Football Association and the Department for Communities.  The study focussed on consulting widely with community organisations, football clubs and schools across Belfast and to help design a programme that would ensure the community sector got access to and were able to avail of the new National Football Stadium at Windsor Park.  

Onside Youth – Disability Youth Project

Copius Consulting completed an evaluation of OnSide’s A Level Playing Field programme  This assignment was completed over a three year period and focused on assessing the qualitative and quantitative impacts of the programme aimed at improving the provision of services for young people with disabilities across six youth zones – Mahdlo, the Factory, Carlisle, Blackburn, Wigan and Bolton Lads and Girls Club.  Our method required quarterly visits to each of the six youth zones to consult staff, volunteers, young leaders, young people (with and without disabilities / additional needs) and families and carers allowing comprehensive information collection and included in interim and final evaluations. This engagement utilised a range of innovative methods particularly with young people with disabilities, including for example, arts and crafts based activities, blogs, emotions boards, star wheels etc. to gather the appropriate and relevant information in a manner that met the need of the target group / audience.  A key element of this assignment was testing the ALPF model (i.e. impacts, structure, resources, quality standards, consistency of approach etc.) to provide guidance regarding its development and implementation in the existing and newly developed youth zones.

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