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At Copius, we can help our third sector clients with identification and application process linked to grant funding.  We do this by providing information, advice, guidance and practical support to complete and submit applications and proposals

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Advice and guidance on available funding opportunities


Whether your group requires £10,000 or £10 million, Copius can advise on how your project can go about securing that funding from statutory agencies, philanthropic trusts and other grant giving bodies throughout the UK and Ireland.


Over the last 10 years, we have helped our clients secure in excess of £1 Billion in funding.  This ranges from small £1,000 revenue grants through to large £20 million capital / facility development grants

The Client will always have full ownership of the process and any associated application.  We help to ensure that your application is well presented, structured and meets the needs of the funding opportunities that you intend on applying to.

1. LSCA – Community Tourism Project

Copius Consulting have been working with Lower Shankill Community Association to help the organisation develop their own Community Tourism Facility in the area.  Copius supported the organisation with representation to the local council and helped them secure £200k to purchase a derelict building in the area that will eventually lead to a £1.7 million investment in this project.  Insert the lower shankill website….

2. BMSSP – Peace Walls Project

Copius Consulting have helped BMSSP across a range of funding initiatives.  Copius supported the development of an ambitious Peace Walls Programme that aimed to bring about the conditions to discuss and ‘reimage’ 10 peace walls in the area.  Copius supported the development of a strategy and operational plan that was supported by the International Fund for Ireland.  The project has received international acclaim with its work – link to IFI video link to BMSSP website.

Copius have also been supporting the project (and Belfast City Council) with a very ambitious application to SEUPB Peace IV Shared Space Capital Programme for a Shared Space Building at Finlays which has a capital value of approximately £10 million.  Please see link to plans.

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