St Comgall’s Outreach Programme and Exhibition (SCOPE) 


What is it? 

St Comgall’s Outreach Programme and Exhibition (SCOPE) is a very exciting programme that aims to create a cross community exhibition on the history of the St Comgall’s site in the Lower Falls area.


Taking place in parallel with a major regeneration of the former school site into a community hub and visitor centre, this programme will incorporate a series of workshops, seminars and site visits with residents across the Falls, Divis and Shankill areas.


The exhibition will include interpretive panels, educational resource packs and interactive kiosks which focus on providing cross community views / experiences of living on the Lower Falls through the conflict to peace, covering the period 1969-1998.


The exhibition and learning resources will be developed by the local community on a cross community basis and will add significant value and enhance the visitor experience at the new centre. Critically, all activities will have a peace and reconciliation focus to foster mutual respect for the different views and perceptions of others.


Who is it for? 

The programme will engage at least 20 young people and 20 adults from the Falls, Divis and Shankill areas the in sustained and longer-term activity. Additionally, a city-wide element will see at least 170 attendees come together to enhance the community interaction and collaboration.  


Communities and individuals from these areas have different views, experiences and therefore narratives regarding the effect of the conflict and the impact on their lives.

This unique project should enable people from different communities to tell their story.  



How to get in involved? 

If you would like more information or express your interest in getting involved please contact Jack on Email: or Tel: 028 9590 2885.

Match-funding has been provided by The Executive Office and the Department for Rural and Community Development.

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